Re: caterwauling

Had the same problem with my GF's cat.  The GF doesn't seem to mind
and actually complains that I don't practice or fool around enough
when she can listen.  The cat nearly lunged at my chest with bared
claws.  No accounting for taste.  Everyone's a critic!  Fill in
your own cliche!

- --- JIM SHORT <jimshort@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry for the lack of
> political/religious/ethnocentric/patriotic/sexual
> content...
> I find it hard to practice at home. Why?, you might
> ask? Is it the acoustics? Do you not have enough time?
> Does your wife object? There are objections, but not
> from my wife. My cat, it seems, is a music critic.
> Every time I start playing, even a single note, he
> comes in to the room with this complaining "mow! mow!
> mow!" and claws at the harp until I stop. 
> Not particularly good for a budding player's ego.
> jim
> feline the blues
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