Re: german harps etc

I see Steve. You're the type who wants plausible deniability.

To the general public you're nice nice, while you search for the best 
place to stick the knife in someone's back.

Okay. I see how it is.
I thought you were a kind of honorable guy who was just a little wrong.
Now I know you are wrong, and not honorable.

Congratulations, Steve. You helped me decide. This list has been 
helpful, but the headache and heartache I get from it on a daily basis 
for the last ten days hasn't been worth it. My fault, I should be able 
to let snide comments go, and I should probably not defend my country 
against unwarranted attacks as best I can.

Dear ListOwner: Please take my name out of the computer--unsub me 
please. I can't deal with this.

Shaw:  now that I'm gone (a yappy dog wins again!) will you please 
please please shut the (blank) up??

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