Re: Feasibility of machining harp plates

Pierre wrote:
> I was at an Automation show in Montreal and that got me thinking,
> would it be possible to machine plates using the latest and
> greatest technology available today?
> The ultimate goal would be to create a harp so tight it would be
> trivial to set up for overblows. 8<clip>8

I know that Suzuki tunes their reeds with a laser.  This makes me wonder
about using a high-power laser cutter to cut reeds and reed plates.  You
can't achieve better machining accuracy, so I would expect a laser-made harp
to be as tight as mechanically feasible.  It'd be a cool name, too, "Lazer
Harp".  Unfortunately, I suspect that the cost of a CNC laser cutter/driller
would be prohibitive given the low cost of harmonicas.

OTOH, I betchya Vern Smith has one in his garage...  8^)


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