Re: unresponsive reed

Yeah some holes on some harps are finicky. The Bflat to me is the worst. But
setting gap is a skill everyone should master at some point.

Check the gap on both the draw and blow reeds of the 3 hole, should be about
the thickness of the reed. In theory the gap goes up a bit at each reed as
you go down in frequency, so check for consistency.

G's site and Pat Missin's site are a big help.

(How do you search for "G." on google by the way)

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> Hi folks,
> I just got a Hohner Special 20 in low F, the third hole blow isn't always
> responsive. E.g., if I just blow in it it's fine, but if I do a few notes
> around #4 and slide over 3 to hole 2 blow, then 3 doesn't sound, rather
> lots of hot air going through it but no vibration. I've read about
> re-gapping but haven't been very succesful with that on an (el-cheapo)
> Hohner Hot-Metal in G that I bought last year. I haven't had problems with
> all my other S20's (a C, D and a G) out-of-the-box so I'm wondering if I
> should just exchange it or if I just haven't applied the re-gapping
> technique properly in the past (a bit wary of doing it to the S20 given
> price). Thanks,
> Oliver
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