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> Does anyone have any idea what percentage of George
>Smiths diatonic recording were done in 3rd position?

you can check this site:
and look up George's work. it's not an official
key/position site, but it should be close, i'd hope :)
can't say i've noticed he was "mostly" a 3rd position
guy, but he did use it a bit.

>I find it interesting that 3rd isn't used more often 
>as it has a more complete blues scale than either 1st

>or 2nd position. 

Dave Barrett points this out in his instructional
material, then he gives what he thinks is the reason,
which i can't remember offhand. 2 things come to mind
though: one is the fact that you no longer have the
nifty chord placement like you do in 2nd position.
having the I and IV chords layed out as they are is
helpful for chicago style blues. well, you do have
those chords, i suppose, but the I is minor, which can
be good or bad. i'm just guessing here :) also, having
2 notes in the 3 hole bend is kind of a pain, and
should be tough for alot of guys to hit clean. that's
why so much of third is played on chro (imo), because
the notes are just plain there. no button-fussin or
nuttin! (hey, i made a rhyme ;). 

> For me, 3rd position comes more naturally than
>2nd....At times 2nd position feels like I'm writing a
>book report while 3rd feels like I'm drawing a 
>picture.  Could be a left brain right brain thing??

i'd kinda doubt it. i think its more of a tradition
thing, really. 3rd may be easier for alot of people,
but they wouldn't know, cause they stick to 2nd like
90% of the ODBG's out there did. (or, i should say,
like they did 90% of the time... all the biggies
played in 3rd and 1st. well, not Butter, i don't
think...) anyhow... one reason you might find 3rd so
is easy is that so much of it is on the draw. i've
heard it called "draw harp" sometimes. in any case,
you've given me somethin to think about. thanks ;)


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