RE : Blue Evolution net fro " Blue Evolution

Smojoe Sez :
>Has anyone else gotten this message from the Mighty QUINN? I'm not
>sure if I should open it. smokey-joe

Hurricane Sez :

I Recieved this too . Its got a earthlick address . On searching the 
" Blue Evolution " every one of the web serches results I found did not show any earthlink address in there URL's ......

Best bet is if your not sure .. DELETE ! ! ! ! DELETE ! ! ! !DELETE ! ! ! !DELETE ! ! ! !DELETE ! ! ! !DELETE ! ! ! !DELETE ! ! ! !DELETE ! 

This leads me to an unsettling conclusion since also recieving an e-mail address to me with my e-mail address I use here , sent to by me ? This e-maied message with my own  address contained a nasty little virus . This happened recently and I read that others in the forum who have had the same type attack hit them and it also appears so far to have hit members who post more that those who read messages . I have to think maybe some one in the forum or some one who was in the forum is doing a " copy cat " thing with a virus they received and are now attacking the group en masse . I would hate to think this , but the first and only virus that I suffered a HD melt down was when I was in my first harmonica forum and nowhere else did I get any viri from . 

I hope someone in the forum can prove me wrong on this deductive assertion I have come to realize .



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