minidisc stuff

I've done considerable research into minidiscs as I also wanted to use it
for recordings. This is what I found.

 Digital transfer from minidisk to computer is impossible on the "old"
format minidisc player/recorders.  The new Hi-MD format players which are
just being released will allow digital transfer from minidisc to computer
unless the content is copyright protected. In other words you will be able
to transfer your own recordings, but not commercial stuff. This is
controlled by the SCMS copyright bit encoded in the data file.  If you are
stuck with an older player you are most likely limited to analogue transfer
from the headphone jack in real-time.   Some old MD decks have an optical
out which allows a digital transfer, but it is still in real time.

Personally I use winMD
( to
transfer via the headphone jack. This program interfaces with the MD through
the USP port and coordinates the file transfer... it's the closest thing to
a digital transfer.

Hope that is helpful to someone.


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