Re: 220v conversion 240v ?

Hey Mac, I have been worried by the same prob two years ago. Then an electrician told me that there is no prob, that if the official name is 220 Volt, there a tolerance as you can plug-in your gear into a 240 V plug.
In fact, the voltage is similar in all EU, He explained to me, but some people keep on writing the vintage Voltage on the plug. It seems to be like on Hohner Marine Band 1896. It is written A=440 but there are in fact tuned on A=444.

Harpmac01@xxxxxxx wrote:
can a european 220v output transformer on a 1990's  59 bassman RI be adjusted to 240v for the british electricity grid or would you have to replace the 220v output transformer with a 240v tranny?

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