Re: Re: How to make CD's from a Sony mini-disc recorder

Ray Beltran <raybeltran@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If it ABSOLUTELY doesn't matter, why then do audio editing software
> manufacturers dictate as a requirement a minimum hard drive rotational
> speed?

possibly because audio editing typically requires a lot of i/o, and they
don't want their software to appear slow.  when doing realtime encoding,
you're likely to be cpu-bound.  but when you're editing on a system with a
slow disk, every cut and paste can take seemingly forever, especially if
the software is maintaining an undo capability.

regardless, a faster disk (and cpu, and more memory, etc) is always
better, and the suggestion to stay defragmented is a good one, at
least on windows systems.  it doesn't appear to be an issue on *nix.

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