RE: Hering Vintage 1923 harps

I've been playing them for about a year now, and find them pretty durable, 
more so in my experience than many  Marine Bands and Sp20's I've had.  I 
love them so much that I became a Hering reseller.  I agree about the Hering 
Blues, I tried them some time back and was not crazy about them.
Admittedly, distribution can still be a problem, sometimes I still have to 
wait several weeks for an order, but I'm trying to build up a stock of the 
most used harps.  I sell them for less than anybody, if you're interested 
please drop me a line.

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>Subject: Hering Vintage 1923 harps
>Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 15:58:09 -0500
>I discontinued using the Hering Blues harps some time ago due to a couple 
>of issues. Distribution and availibility were problems at that time. Also, 
>I was experiencing reed failure more frequently than on any harp I had used 
>in the past.
>Has anyone been using the Vintage harps long enough to speak to the 
>durability issue? Has availibility improved?
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