Taro Senga on Real TV

A couple of weeks ago someone posted a tip that you could program Tivo to record
anything with the keyword "harmonica".   Thanks to that tip I now have a "Real TV"
segment of little Taro Senga!

Some of you may recall that I've been raving about Taro Senga ever since he showed up
with his dad at a San Jose Masterclass about 4 or 5 years ago.  In my opinion this kid
is the best young harp player since Little Stevie Wonder.  Not just because he's a whiz
and can play circles around most of us, but because beyond his capacity to amaze, he
also plays genuinely moving music.

Anyway, either the Real TV segment was an old repeat, or Taro hasn't grown much in the
last 5 years!  At one point the Real TV commentator refers to him as a "5 year old" and
that's got to be a fib because I'm pretty sure he was already 8 or 9 years old when I
met him in San Jose.

Does anyone recognize the older white harmonica player that Taro duels with during the segment?

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