Re: How to make CD's from a Sony mini-disc recorder

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> Hi Ray !
> Sorry to say that, but it absolutley doesn't matter, how fast a HDD
> spins...just think about it, if that would be true than recording a CD on
> your PC/MAC would only work if you record it at 16x or 8x,older 2x or 4x
> would have never worked...recording music to a HDD, regardless wether to a
> PC or MAC depends mostly on how fast the processor is and how much RAM
> you've got in there.The data (music) goes via line-in into the computer.The
> next step is that it depends on your soundcard whether the data is being
> encoded to a digital format or, if a cheap soundcard, it only delivers the
> data to the software running to encode the data to, for instance, a
> WAV-file. If the software encodes the data then it all depends on how fast
> the processor and on how much RAM you've got. That is, basically, what makes
> your recording successfull or not.
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Yes, I do agree with you to a certain degree, although it's true that the
entire system dictates the read/write performance.


If it ABSOLUTELY doesn't matter, why then do audio editing software
manufacturers dictate as a requirement a minimum hard drive rotational


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