RE: Tilted embouchure~~and "upside down" embouchure

Jp Pagan wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> i don't mean to start any arguments or anything,
> but do you have any evidence that "many or most of the
> Chicago players" play their harps upside-down?

Only the anecdotal evidence I picked up from other players at the time. I believed 'numbers down' was part of the harp mojo, I guess:-) Actually, I never sat close enough to read the numbers... <g>

> Sonny Terry, Paul Butterfield...

Well, I knew these two did for certain.

> another thing to consider is that some of these
>"upsidedowners" were left handed, which may have
> affected the choice to hold the harp that way, perhaps
> by giving them a better cup on the low notes

A very good point that I hadn't considered.


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