Re: Working a DISINTERESTED crowd ----WAS Working a thin crowd

R your enthusmism is laudable   the TV and the pool table  truly blow my mind
the days of playing friday and making an audence intrested and a packed house on saturday are long gone. i don't get to play requestes  it's like pulling teeth
to get the guys to learn new tunes let alone the wolk-muddy-sonnyboies song list
do you sing any of the whispering smith stuff    how about ola dara    
      i love you commitment       - Ben     in new haven

randysinger <randy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

GOOD STUFF has been written about the techniques of jason ricci and 
ruth brown.

However, keep in mind that the audience, though small, has come 
specifically to hear him/her.

HOWEVER- Many of us perform in bars where the audience has come to eat 
or drink and did not expect free entertainment provided by the 

In these cases, it is much harder to attract and keep the attention of 
the patrons. In fact, some of them would be bothered by the music, or 
have a their attention on their partner and one has to be really 
ingenious to entertain them.

I am curious to know your ideas how to do this.

Ideas I use ----

SONGLISTS- I have a printed, laminated songlist of every song I 
perform. I pass them out and let them make their requests. You would be 
amazed how people love this, they "fight" for the lists. Good for tips 
too. Plus opens the door to do dedications.

WIRELESS- I am without cords, walking in the audience

BREAK INTERACTION- during the breaks I go into the audience and thank 
at least four people for coming, I get names, song requests, etc and 
when I play, I use the information to break the wall down between 
myself and the audience.

what are your ideas?


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