Gindick Jam Camp - Just Go!

OK, sorry this took so long to get written, but I've finally found
sanity to my life after returning from Jon Gindick's jam camp in
Chicago.  Soooo, you ask, "How was it?"

I was really in a rut in my playing, wasn't practicing, and wasn't
listening to much harp music.  I was gigging and playing the same old
riffs I always played.  The jam camp was fantastic - when I got home, I
told my wife it was a mountaintop experience.   My co-workers thought I
had a hangover.  I've been practicing and progressing daily ever since. 

The weekend was filled with inspiration from the instructors, Jon
Gindick (who made positions above 3rd make sense to me), Larry "The
Iceman" (who introduced a novel way to practice the blues scale plus
gave me some tone exercises), Joe Fillisco (gave me several points to
work on) and John Costa (who must have done the 12 bar blues on his
guitar hundreds of times).  These guys really wanted every student to
improve and made us all feel comfortable playing for them.  

Buzz Krantz & I spent time discussing stage presence and he is MY close
personal friend (but don't ask him about his eye!).  Mark Wilson kept us
all on track even when we wanted to go off track.  Both Mark and Buzz
are great players.

The highlight was Sunday when all of the campers from beginners to the
teachers got up and played with a great group of musicians.  I was
amazed at the progress of the new players.  EVERY member of that band
played harp well - simply amazing.

I could go on for a while, but will cut to the chase.  If you want to
learn a lot in a weekend, mortgage the house or sell the '59 Bassman (to
me) and go.  You'll thank me.

Kevin Taylor
Shoot the Driver


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