Re: Big Rivers


  i buy alot of harps in A, cause i like that key.
nice "tessitura." anyway... so i have a Hohner BR in
A, and i really like it! it does, i've always though,
have a "big" sound. i mean, ok, i can't prove it's the
harp. i could be playing it different. the name "BIG
River" might have prejudiced my hearing... (though it
doesn't sound any wetter...) i dunno. anyhow. it also
bends very nicely. it doesn't feel "stiff" like some
harps (i find MBs very stiff, personally). it isn't my
favorite though (too big, for one thing. i mean
physically), i have a custom SP20 A that i play ALL
the time. it's my fav harp bar none. doesn't sound as
fat to me as the BR, but the response is primo. i
can't believe it hasn't crapped out yet, in fact.
aside from those, i have a Hering Blues in A, a 1923
in A, i had a Lee Oskar in A but hated it, a Johnson
Blues King in A (hate that one even more. tastes like
anyhow... just felt like sharing. y'all play whatchoo


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