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wild to hear bout an old friend billy shaka.   my man with lottsa color   does he know bout this site.   Ben Ross    

jandkday@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hey all,

I just witnessed "Jumpin" Johnny Sansone's annual New Orleans jazz festival
"Big Blues Harmonica Show" at the Delta Blues Grill. They have been doing this for years but last night was considered The New Brotherhood of the Iron 3rd annual show. Those in attendence were:

Oscar Caballero
Bill Shaka
Smokey Greenwell
Steve 'Harpo' Gelder
Ben Maygarden
Thomas Walker
Mark Bancroft
Greg Izor
Johnny Sansone
Bruce Sunpie Barnes

There was serious harp talent and strong harp! These guys are great New Orleans Players! Some are transplants. The evening reached a harp frenzy and several got on stage. Rick Oliverez,(sp) played some great guitar the band did not take a break for 5 hours! Woah!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're at the fest next year make sure you check it out. Kim Wilson stopped in last year. It was just like the old juke joint days.

PS. The fried Chicken is righteous too!

James Day

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