Re: To use magnets instead of a spring in chrom design

On Apr 30, 2004, at 9:24 PM, Douglas Tate wrote:

> A serious reply to the magnet bit with semiserious additives.
> The prob with any type of electrically operated switch is that when 
> you say go, it goes.  At the same speed every time. When you let go 
> the same thing happens. There is no subtlety to it... there are 
> different ways to approach the pushing of the button, one doesn't want 
> it rushing down that little slide slot like an ICBM anxious to spoil 
> someone's day!
> I would also like to know why it is that people think they need 
> exoskeletal super-Power muscle assistance to accelerate the little 
> slide on it's journey.  In my opinion, if that is what you really want 
> to do then steam power, or hydraulics would be better.  Steam may be a 
> bit over the top... but think of the train impressions you could do... 
> whistles an' all.
> Nope, I think that if you want to get real control using electricity 
> you need to go to a linear accelerator. However, make certain you 
> haven't any magnetic teeth.
> Douglas t
   OK, the "ole" electromagnet thing.
   Disclaimer: nothing in the foregoing shall be construed or implied as 
to cast doubt on any current ongoing experiments or research being done 
by other charleto....ah, make that genius'

  I don't see electromagnets as a viable alternative to hand operated 
slide. Electromagnets are wound so as to offer IMMEDIATE help. Choosing 
too large a solenoid is a waste of energy (energy which must be 
carried/stored somewhere). Choosing too small a solenoid will 
necessitate going with a weaker return spring with less inch ounces of 
torque. Going with too small a spring will necessitate keeping the 
tolerance(s) of the slide just so clean as to be an annoyance.

  Example(s): solenoid from the (now defunct) 57 pound Marchant 
calculator, is too powerful. Mounting it on the right end of the chromo 
(for DIRECT) actuation will leave you with a large 3 3/4" "lump" in an 
area where you need it least.
  Going with the solenoid from an older "Powerball" typewiter will give 
you a set-up which is too NOISY. And also a lump.
  Actuators from pin ball machines would be good if you wanted the slide 
to fly across the room and sever someone's jugular vein.
  The actuator 'I' chose was from a hand held calculator(abt 3 3/4 x 5 
1/2") that also printed up a TAPE. It was nice and small.
  Mounting the solenoid in the rear with a fulcrum and pivot rod will 
give excessive clicking (extra parts doncha know) AND makes a lump in 
back which is tantamount to having a diatonic stuck back there.

  Actuation will STILL have to be with a micro switch. Micro switch will 
STILL need a finger (nose/toe/elbow/knee/NO don't EVEN think that) to 
  Power for the solenoid HAS to come from somewhere. Wearing a "belt" 
pack would be the answer. Now you need wires. It gets pretty messy.

  You wouldn't be able to do any fancy work with it because, the 
solenoid doesn't have a brain and even IF you grew dextrous enough to 
be able to "tickle" the micro switch, actuation would be TOO 
predictable..all or nothing. A "semi-swishy" right hand is oh so much 
better at applying "feeling".

  Performing a tune like "Isn't Se Lovely" wouldn't come out so good, as 
it contains constant "Chips". Instead of Du-ee Du-ee Du  Du Du-ee, you 
would get Dee Dee Dee  Dee Dee. Why? because every time you went to 
insert a chip, you would have an ADDITIONAL ckick. You could tame this 
down with neoprene or guta-percha inserts, but now we're really getting 
into a lot of equipment to try and IMPROVE on what we already have 

  The ONLY way this is reasonable is if a person is afflicted to the 
point whereas there is NO other option. AND, even in that case, 'I' 
would (personally) opt for a system of "Camera" or "Model" radio 
control actuator cables (with NO slack).


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