Hohner Echophone Reissue

I searched the web for more on the "Echophone" that I wrote about 
earlier on Ebay and I found a brand new one that you can buy for 
$53.40 that's made of polished brass.

Here's what their ad reads:

	Similar to the Hohner Echophone produced in 
	the 1920s; this beautiful limited edition 
	harmonica will be treasured by harmonica 
	players and collectors. Features a shiny 
	brass resonating horn and a plastic-bodied 
	harmonica. Packaged in a specially embossed 
	wooden keepsake box.

You can see a photo of it and buy it here:

I think the following is the same item but it is selling
for $ 89.95:

	HOH3810 Hohner Echophone Harmonica 
	(Limited Edition Reissue)

	Beautiful vintage reissue harmonica model with 
	a highly polished brass bell displaying an original 
	historic engraving. The singlenote diatonic 
	harmonica, fitted with goldplated covers, is securely 
	attached to the sturdy brass bell by means of a stylish 
	clamp mechanism.  A gentle fanning motion of the hand 
	across the bell opening whilst playing produces a soft, 
	pleasant wah-wah effect. Key of C, 20 reeds, plastic 
	comb. Includes collector box.

You can see photos of it and buy it here:

There's different photos of it here:

I found this Echophone Reissue priced from a low of $53.40 all the 
way up to $114.99 (double the money).  

It really pays to shop around!

I'm just passing what I found along to you, again I make no money 
by doing this, but thought it added to the discussions here.

Yours in Music,


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