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Hi Marty,

thanks for including me in your listing. Randy Singer sent me an email =
today, asking if there are any samples of my music that can be listened =

Unfortunately, since the GEMA (comparable to ASCAP) started to charge =
high fees for publishing music on the web (even short demo clips), my =
web host, who runs the www.jazzpages.com, had to remove the audio-clips =
from my site; but for a quick impression of my harmonica playing, you =
can go to=20
1/ref=3Dsr_1_0_1/302-6300399-8328014 and click on the sound demos. Many =
of them feature bass, vocal and piano solos, but if you click on: =
Invitation, Skylark, Virginia, Elsa, Meet You in Chicago and Chan's Song =
you will allso hear some harmonica sounds...


Homepage: http://www.jensbunge.de

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