Treat Her Right

I happened to hear a couple of cuts by the band Treat Her Right in the
car this morning.  Passable harp playing, and I would say it was rather
good in a rock context.  A check on All Music Guide indicates this was a
late 80's band. (Unfortunately, my pop/rock musical knowledge and
sensibilities pretty much stop at 1974).  It mentions their genres as
blues, rock, and rockabilly, but the songs I heard had a distinct
alt-rock flavor to my ears.  So, anyone have an opinion as to how these
guys stack up, particularly as to use of harp in rock?  Any info on who
does the harp work?  Any recommendations as to which album would be the
best for a harp-centric listener (I didn't catch the names of the cuts
that were played).
Thanks kindly,
Fred S

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