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tommy wrote:
"before i buy one i wanna get some feedback on it.does anybody out there own 
one or played through one.hor are they?"

prolly wont make u sound like jacobs. i say better to spend the money on 
some good harps.
I surmise from this statement then that some good harps will make u sound 
like jacobs.<g>  To me, amps are like good cars.  I like to look at them, I like 
to study them, I like to drive them and I appreciate the better quality ones 
more than the lesser quality ones.  Since most quality cars are out of my price 
range these days, I like amps even more.  I appreciate how they were made 35 
to 50 years ago.  When I look at a car, nobody tells me I would be just like 
Lance Armstrong if I got a bicycle instead of buying an expensive car.  When I 
look at buying a car, nobody tells me to work on my walking skills so I won't 
need a car.  Why do we always have this discussion when someone is a gearhead? 
 Not picking on anyone here, but would someone write up a disclaimer to 
attach to gear related discussions to save time and promote political correctness?  
Practice, lessons, experience, listening to other influences, asking 
questions of better harp players and lots of steady gigging should be in this 
disclaimer.  There are some great players that really get enjoyment from the amp 
thing.  Bottom line, it's just a gearhead thing. Let the man get an honest answer 
to his specific question.


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