The present moment

I like this thread. It brings to mind a few things that I may use to start a
Maybe work off a riff near or at the end of the previous solo or...
play a riff that echoes a line in the song that everyone can pick up...
work against the gist of the previous solo, especially if it was fast and
loud, wave the band down and go long tones and soft -- to start...
or bring a thought or emotion or ilmage into my mind and try to put it into
what I'm playing..
Somewhere in here there is an interplay between direct intent and indirect
intent. The emotions have to be indirect. Nature of the beast. Note choices
are directly chosen, at first, but soon may fall way to indirect powers not
fully under logical or conscious control. But I like it when I feel that
both are working together, and I think audiences get it in their guts when
that's happening and respond tremendously.
Harmonica Blu

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