Fwd: Little Laura & the Blues Sho

Chicago area harp-lers will want to know about this so I'm forced to leak it. 
 Little Laura is a rising star, Shoji has been called "the secret weapon" and 
Joliet Joe is...well....um...'scuse me but I'm at a loss for words.  Man, do 
I wish I could catch the shows but I'll be out of town.

T. Albanese

 Read on....

Hello, Harmonica people,

Three of your favorite harmonica players just formed a trio!
This trio is performing this coming Thursday.  You can't miss this.

"Little Laura & the Blues Sho with special guest, Joliet Joe"

March 4th & 11th Thursday
8:30 pm to 12:00 pm
Boulevard Blues Club
3733 Grand Blvd  Brookfield, IL

"Little" Laura Schlenker,   vocal & harmonica
  Shoji Naito,  guitar & harmonica
"Joliet" Joe Filisko,   drums, vocal & harmonica

Poster by Rick Trankle

Possible Hightlights!

Little Laura sings her beautiful blues ballads, with Shoji's guitar and 
Joe's harmonica.
Little Laura's driving amplified harmonica instrumentals.
Joliet Joe sings the blues!
Shoji's old style blues guitar solo.
Harmonica duo? trio??

Possible experiment... be nice. don't throw a beer bottle, please.

Little Laura's guitar instrumental tune.
Shoji sings some Jimmy Rogers
  with Little Laura's rhythm guitar.
   and Joliet Joe's drum solo ..

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