Re: Mason Casey

I don't particularly like saying bad things about anyone, but Mason Casey
strikes me as someone with more attitude than talent.

I saw him live twice in Paris and both times, his playing and singing were
way below the acceptable level for a pro player.

However, this punk-blues attitude seems to sell, so who am I to talk ?

Ben FELTEN, Editor

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> >.  I'm also curious as to the identity of the harmonica player on the
> > soundtrack of Spellbound.  I looked around on google and didn't really
> > get anywhere.
> It's in the archives.  Someone mentioned, on list when the movie was first
> released,  documentary and harmonica, in the same breath.  Since I'm into
> both, I went and saw it the next day. If I recall, the originator of the
> thread came up with the harp players name and posted it on list.
> Mark
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