Re: 59 Bassman LTD-57 Twin

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> Indeed,
> I am surprised Fender reissued the dual rectifier Twin as well. My choice
> would have been to reissue the Tweed Twin (With an option to have a 15" in the
> amp in place of the 2- 12's). I think their release of a new 85 watt Twin with
> a 15" is a great idea especially for guitar players (I am curious how this
> would sound for harp). The RI Bassman is not really Bassman in any way except
> for name and speaker set up. The transformers are different, the cabinet is
> different, as well as the circuitry in the amp is different. It is still a
> solid harp amp (Jason Ricci and Carlos Deljunco will attest to that). I owned
> one ( which I think Jason has now) and it was a solid amp for its size. My
> personal belief is if you want the Bassman sound, get the Victoria. It's a s
> close to a Bassman as you are probably going to get and it sounds phenomenal.
> Andrew

I don't think that Fender is re-issuing the quad 6L6, 80-watt high power
twin. Instead, it's the dual 6L6, 40-watt version. Still has dual recs. I
like the sound of the two twelves. And the 5E8A circuit.

You're right, the RI Bassman is still a good amp. I installed a
point-to-point board in mine for a variety of reasons. But I'm in no way
"chasing", or trying to reproduce the original Bassman. That is just way too
expensive, and I'm very much satisfied with the sound I'm getting out of it
now. You can go way overboard in going to original trannys, cabs, speakers,
cloth wiring...well, then, you're wanting a REAL Bassman. In that case, just
get a Vicky, like you said. My only intent in the upgrades I've made is to
make a good amp better.


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