Concert Amp [and PA Question]

Uh- - -please indulge me one more amp question [even
though I just joked about this]. 

Can anyone tell me why I SHOULD'T buy a blackface
Concert Amp for 350 bucks [if it's in great shape].
And, why are they so cheap? They seem to have
everything a Bassman has, plus reverb. Why don't I
hear more about them [Although I do remember that
someone swears by them]. I mean, they are ~all tube~
no? Does it matter if the rectifier is solid state?
And, why do some have ~tremelo~ and some have
~reverb~??? [and different #'s of speakers].
Again, any tips appreciated. 

ALSO. I'm doing a lot less gigs since I left Europe,
and I dread going through that whole process of
building up bands in my new digs. I'm planning [I read
this is what Sinatra did. ~Hey! It's my PA. Do it in
C!~ :->] on buying a PA so that I'll have a little
more leverage in ~auditioning~ bands. Can anyone steer
me toward [as you'all did for amps: ~Ampage~ and ~The
Tone Lounge~ and Tom's comments  -from Tom's Mics-
have been really an education as I start playing with
building my super amp. Ask me for URL's if you need
em]. Sorry- run on sentence. Can anyone steer me
toward A] A PA that kicks a*s for under 1500 bucks? B]
Some web sites for learning about PA's/mixing the
sound for gigs etc.

Also! If I have a ~power mixer~ [and speakers], do I
have a ~PA~? I've always been confused by that. If I
want it just for vocals and harp [not drums], is a
good power mixer enough. [I'm talking, both smaller
clubs and big beer tent events].

Lots of great info about all sorts of stuff lately.

Thanks in advance,

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