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Just a couple of things.  The 59 twin used P12N  speakers, not P12R ( 
the N was the heavier duty speaker; I think you'd blow a pair of P12Rs 
in that amp); I don't recall what the low power ones had originally  
but I think maybe the same (I do have a clone of that amp, but with a 
single rectifier and it has P12R Webers.  I'm surprised Fender did the 
dual rectifier again, as it seems to be close to a solid state 
rectifier; everyone I know that had the earlier two rectifier bassmans 
pulled one of these out).   And transformers for the original Twins and 
Bassmans came from the same company, and were made thein the  same 
manner  although the one for the high power twin was made to run the 
four power tubes at something like 80 watts so was bigger.  I used to 
own a real one of these, and a clone, I felt like they were too loud 
for the places I was playing  (and the real one was so valuable, I sold 
it off.  Those things are going for around 10K now).
The part about the difference between the current bassman RI 
transformers and the old ones is correct, they run quite a bit higher 
voltages than the originals.  I found that replacing the one in my RI 
bassman with a copy of an old one with correct specs made a difference 
in sound. 


I am surprised Fender reissued the dual rectifier Twin as well. My choice 
would have been to reissue the Tweed Twin (With an option to have a 15" in the 
amp in place of the 2- 12's). I think their release of a new 85 watt Twin with a 
15" is a great idea especially for guitar players (I am curious how this 
would sound for harp). The RI Bassman is not really Bassman in any way except for 
name and speaker set up. The transformers are different, the cabinet is 
different, as well as the circuitry in the amp is different. It is still a solid 
harp amp (Jason Ricci and Carlos Deljunco will attest to that). I owned one ( 
which I think Jason has now) and it was a solid amp for its size. My personal 
belief is if you want the Bassman sound, get the Victoria. It's a s close to a 
Bassman as you are probably going to get and it sounds phenomenal. 


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