Re: The Compilation Disc

I'm just a big procrastinator, but I did finally send in my contribution
today along with payment for the disk.

I've always enjoyed the harp-l compilation disks in the past. I hope many
more people will contribute to this one.

Alec Drachman
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> I'm writing this on my own.  Don't blame Scorcher for the bandwidth.  Past
> Harp-L compilations included anywhere from 50 to 75 songs by individual
> contributors.  These are great compilations of players from across the
> harmonica spectrum.
> I just got a note saying that the number of contributors to this current
> multi-online group (Harp-L, HarpTalk and Slidemeister) compilation effort
> 7.  In my mind this "apparent" lack of interest brings into question the
> viability of the project.  I appreciate Scorcher's efforts to pull this
> as well as his efforts to "save the bandwidth" online.  But I think its
> to open it up online.  Some people may need to be reminded and cajoled
> contributing.
> Maybe we should start with a small discussion of why people are not
> responding.  Over 90 people expressed an interest, only 7 have contributed
> and only 5 pre-paid to purchase the CD.  What's up with that?
> We will all lose, as a community, if this effort falls apart.
> Best Regards to All,
> Larry Boy Pratt
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