Re: Pitch, XB-40 & whatever - was: XB40 retuning

Pat Missin <pat@xxxx> wrote:
> Several people have argued that there really is no such thing as "blue

> notes". Rather than notes with precise fixed values, "blue notes" have

> been described by some authorities as melodic tendencies that cover a
> certain range, rather than a fixed point. They might not be played
> exactly the same way twice, because the mood of the person playing
> them is different each time.....<snip>

This thread has been excellent.  Kudos to all who have contributed.
Any chance of getting PAT MISSIN to discuss intonation at a SPAH
Richard Sleigh gave a seminar on tuning (JI vs. ET vs. compromise) at
SPAH 2003 and it was fantastic (Mark Ford's sound check
Judging from the enthusiastic responses to this thread, I think having
Pat weigh in on his favorite topic would be a winner.
Fred S

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