Re: 59 Bassman Limited ---> 57 Twin

More info., if anyone is interested.  I finally found the page I remembered
from the Victoria website reproduced on another website, since it does not
seem to be presently available  from the Victoria website itself.  The page
discusses Victoria's recreation of the **low power** Tweed Twin, Mod. 5E8-A.
Here is the part that discusses the output transformers :

While many of the tonal aspects of the amp can be attributed to the circuit
design, the most key component of tonal coloration is the output transformer
that this amp is equipped with. The OT of the 50212-T is singular in the
annals of '50's Fender design. It is an enormous piece of iron...fully 50%
larger than the late fifties Bassman tranny of the same wattage. This
translates into terrific bass response. It is very tight and percussive; no
low end sagginess here folks--pop that low E string and you'll get a extra
helping of that punch and definition that many describe as the "Stevie
tone". Interestingly (to me anyway), the windings are not "interleaved" in
the fashion of the late '50's Bassman. This is a straight, pedestrian layer
wound transformer.

The entire page can be found here:


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