Re: 59 Bassman Limited ---> 57 Twin

Barbeque Bob Maglinte wrote:

The complete info on differences between a real '59 Bassman and the Fender
reissues are explained in complete detail in a chapter in Gerald Weber's
book "A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps," and it is THE best
chapter on this subject, hands down, and you can get from his website or at It will also
explain the difference in the transformers too, and the old ones were made
on paper bobbins and the interleaving explains the way they're wound on the
bobbin and made by Triad. The ones on the RI's are from an entirely
different vendor and manufacturing technique that does affect the sound.



I was trying to get at something else.  My apologies if I was not clear.  I
was discussing my recollection of the differences between the transformers
on a real Tweed Bassman vs. a real Tweed Twin.  IIRC, the transformers on
the real Tweed Twins from the late fifties were not interleaved, and were


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