XB-40 Retunings

Michael Peloquin wrote:

>My overblowing mind still has trouble
>with the layout [of the XB-40] and the
>tone is a bit wimpy. I'm thinking that
>CX12 button chrom may be a better
>option for me in the long run. Expression
>bends are all there too.

My primary instrument is the Marine Band, which I am learning to play
chromatically.  When I wanted to learn to play another kind of harmonica, I
thought hard about the XB-40, but picked up a CX-12 instead.  This has
mostly to do with the fact that my primary instrument is what it is.  When I
get done practicing on it, the last thing I want to do is pick up another
instrument that requires that notes be bent to pitch.

If button chromatic were my first instrument, my guess is that I would be
all over the XB-40.  It can be played chromatically, of course, and I have
heard Richard Sleigh (WIGA) get a huge sound out of one.


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