playing in tune on diatonic

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I've just come in on this thread and missed the beginning.
Anyway, putting aside the different degrees of intonation of the harp. A =
big issue I find with harp students is that, after bending a note, the =
next note played is flat (assuming its not meant to be). I place way  =
more importance on playing a note in its 'natural' pitch. Sure you've =
got to be accurate with  bends but if the non bent notes aren't to pitch =
it simply sounds off.=20
An example:  draw 2, draw 2, draw bend 2 (tone), draw 1 ........... draw =
2, draw 2, draw 2, draw bend 2 (tone), draw 1.  etc
The draw 1 will catch you out every time if you're not aware, especially =
so if its a faster tempo.
I  use some simple bending exercises to practice from time to time, =
which includes the natural pitch note.
I guess its awareness, state of mind and practice.....its certainly =
sharpened my playing considerably.
Cheers to all
Pete Knapton

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