Re: Pitch, XB-40 & whatever - was: XB40 retuning

Tim writes

> If I miss a bend by 20 cents on a given note in a 
> solo how is that any more objectionable than playing a note that's 
> tuned 20 cents flat on my justly intoned harmonica?  

You're talking apples and oranges here.  If you play a justly intoned
with the same approach you play an equal tuned harmonica you'll be in
trouble.  They are capable of different things musically.  It's a subtle
but large cumulative difference.  If you play a note 20 cents flat in a
solo I'm going to notice it.  If you play it next to another note you've
hit 20 cents sharp I'll be wincing. A lot of highly regarded harmonica
recordings have bad notes in them.  You know the stuff we all listen to
for homework.   I don't know about you but for the last several years a
lot of my focus has been on achieving greater consistency in my
intonation and timbre.  I'm not making any claims to success in these
areas.  Really simple stuff that's very difficult to actualise.  fjm

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