Re: Pitch, XB-40 & whatever - was: XB40 retuning

>Despite my own fondness for Just Intonation, I can't think of anything
>more boring to play each and every note with the same fixed value,
>however "perfectly tuned" those values might be. Expressiveness for me
>involves deliberately moving towards and away from those points of
>maximum consonance to introduce tension and relaxation.
>  -- Pat

It doesn't really matter in this particular debate whether you're a 
"supporter" of Just, equal or "something in-between" (and, believe it or 
not, and I've said it before, I CAN hear what's not quite right about 12tET 
- - it's just that everyone I play with uses one of those tuners that gives 
equal as default, so I breathe the polluted air!  I also play melodies with 
single notes in several positions - modes -  on the same harp in medleys).  
Whatever tuning you have consciously or unconsciously chosen - the latter in 
most cases I suspect - when it comes to such a flexible instrument as the 
harmonica, it's just somewhere to hang your expressive hat.  We'll be judged 
on the music we make.


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