BLUESY bends w/XB40? oh yeah!

Richard Smith, in V11 #18:
> although it sounds like one will gain chromaticity,
> and be able to play in any key (well almost), I can't help feeling that for the BLUES, it just won't be the same.  All the notes will be there, but those bluesy bends won't be in the right places. 
>  So it won't cry.


 Oh, it'll cry, Richard~  It'll cry like a baby. Hell, you can even make it SOUND like a baby. In my experience, the beauty of the XB40 is its innate expressiveness, the way the slightest quiver of lip, tongue, throat or chest cavity is immediately translated into sound. Like the human voice. Which as we all know, from heartbreak and/or joy, will most definitely cry cry cry...AND hit a note spot on pitch.
 It's and "ear" thing, but we've all been conditioned to approach it as a reed-limitation thing.
 So here, with the XB40 that limitation is removed, and its just a little disorienting. My take is that its just "too damn easy," so the immediate tendency is overworking it, blowing too hard, bending too far, thinking assuming you'll really have to crank to bend it down "this" far...and of course it goes TWICE as far with half the effort!
 Ever have a relationship partner you realllly wanted to like you? He or She already DOES, but you blow it by worrying, overcompensating, and driving them into the Red Zone?

 Relax! This harp LOVES you! Return the favor and enjoy.

 denver, co 

 denver Co

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