Re: Playing in tune on the diatonic

The Iceman wrote:
>In a message dated 2/26/04 10:18:46 AM Eastern Standard 
>Time, dr.alters-wizardsway@xxxxxxx writes:
>Larry cites the multiple notes created in the middle of bends.  
>Isn't that critical for developing the quarter tones that blues 
>artists create to give that style of music and its soulful feel?  
>I don't think them ODBG were thinking about stuff like this. 

I'm not sure that's completely true. I doubt any of them sat down and
studied intonational theory in great depth, but I'm pretty sure I've
heard more than one old blues guy talk about "the notes in between the
piano keys". I'm certain that Muddy Water used a  phrase like this
when talking about how younger players lacked the microtonal skills of
the real deep blues singers. If anyone has a copy of Robert Palmer's
book "Deep Blues" at hand, I believe it is in there.

Anyway, I've got some tuning that I need to get back to. Incidentally,
that's another good way to develop your intonational skills...

 -- Pat.

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