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> Larry cites the multiple notes created in the middle of bends.  Isn't that 
> critical for developing the quarter tones that blues artists create to give 
> that style of music and its soulful feel?  

I don't think them ODBG were thinking about stuff like this. In creating 
blues music, they just yanked as hard as they could to let the raw emotion pour 
out of their instruments. 

Same as they weren't gear heads and didn't go shopping for fat sounding amps. 
They used what they had and could afford (which was whatever and usually 
cheap, cause they weren't making the $$ from royalties or their appearances on 
American Blues Idol).

If you want to recreate that music, I don't think studying and trying to 
develop a quarter tone technique is the best way. Just live life fully and 
lustily. Be true to yourself and express how you FEEL  - without censorship, 
hesitation or inhibition -  and let that come through your instrument.

The Iceman

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