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> Iceman asked how many of us "consciously address"
playing each note in tune while we
> play.   I'd posit that if you have to "consciously
address" the intonation of each note
> you're playing will be stilted to the point of
self-induced paralysis.  

which is, i suppose, why you practice and practice
until muscle memory takes over. i certainly think one
should practice intonation deliberately, consciously,
and constantly, like any horn player would do. but the
idea is always to get it down pat so you don't have to
"think" about it while you play. you do, however, have
to pay attention to what you're doing. i know i've
missed some bends while playing, and it's a good thing
i notice, so i can correct it. there is a conscious
aspect to playing music, but if it all had to be
thought about in the moment, i think jazmaan is right
- -- we'd never be able to play anything. (consider the
"simple" act of speaking as an analogy.)


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