Re: Pitch, XB-40 & whatever - was: XB40 retuning

Rosco wrote:
> Being 'perfectly' in tune is probably not acheivable. Being 
> relatively in tune is my goal. I have a lot of great recordings 
> where the soloist gets a little off pitch. Pretty common for 
> trumpet. Doesn't generally bug me at all. 
> Improvising at tempo is a high wire act for any instrument. . 

I agree with Rosco's point entirely here.  In fact, I'd argue that 
there are instruments made specifically to exploit a slight variation 
or "error" in pitch for the chosen notes, such as a fretless bass.  A 
bass is rarely a "solo" instrument, and aren't really designed as 
such, but when a fretless bass is a part of the rhythm section the 
inconsistencies in pitch are part of the foundation of the music.  
How does a harmonica player play "in tune" with a fretless bass?  Or 
a violin (maybe more correctly a "fiddle", where greater pitch 
variations are probably better tolerated)?  

It's also interesting to me how this topic relates to the "just vs. 
equal" discussion that recently occured.  If players are not 
achieving "perfect" pitch what's the big deal about a note being 
intentionally tuned slightly off perfect 12TET to make more 
harmonious chords?  If I miss a bend by 20 cents on a given note in a 
solo how is that any more objectionable than playing a note that's 
tuned 20 cents flat on my justly intoned harmonica?  

- -tim

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