Re: RI Bassman "limited" PTP vc PCB

Jim said:  >I think the BM RI "standard"  is a fine harp amp.  I compared a 
stock one to
>the same amp with a Hoffman hand wired board with the same tube compliment
>and bias setting.  I could hear no difference.

This doesn't surprise me.  All else being equal (and that's very important), 
I don't beleive that there is any tonal difference in printed circuit board 
as opposed to point to point.  Of course, PTP setups are much easier to work 
on and tweak, and probably more durable in the long run, but that's a 
separate issue.  Personally, I'm not that big on Bassman's...they're too 
heavy and too damn loud for my tastes, although they do sound great of 
course.  I gig with a 1957 Carvin Tweed Deluxe class w/2 6V6's and a single 
12".  I have to mic it, but it sounds big and full to me.


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