Wireless Mic Question/Setup for Dan Kelly

I've tried to reply to list member Dan Kelly at dankelly26@xxxxxxxxxxx
and it keeps bouncing.  Here's my original message which may be of
interest to harp-l at large. 

Thanks, KT

Hi Dan,

I use a Sampson Airline wireless unit for guitar (~$300).  I can get
maybe 80-100 yards away - far enough that I can't hear my amp.  (I
tested this by walking down my street with my wife waving at me when I
said, "Can you here me now - good!")  Fresh batteries are crucial!

Sampson sells one for Stratocasters that points out at a 45 degree angle
and a Gibson one at a 90 degree angle.  I use the Strat model since the
Gibson would be a bit more cumbersome.  Here it is:

I have the old switchcraft jack on my JT30.  I have a switchcraft to
1/4" adapter that I plug the Sampson into.  I used to use it for the
entire gig, but realized that it does affect the tone.  I think it's the
input impedance mismatch and I don't see how I could alter it on the
transmitter unless I built it into the mic.  If I cut the treble on my
amp some it improves the tone, but not as good as straight in with a

I usually have two mics on stage.  To setup, I set the amp volume with
the wired mic (I don't use volume pots on my mics).  I then leave the
amp volume alone and connect the wireless.  The wireless receiver has a
gain control and I use that to set the wireless volume.  As I mentioned
above, I usually cut the treble with the wireless.

Hope this helps.   If you have any more questions, let me know.  I have
no affiliation with Sampson or Same Day Music - your mileage may vary,
etc, etc, etc.

Kevin Taylor
email: shoot_the_driver@xxxxxxxxx

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