Re: harp-l-digest V11 #19

>I understand that the standard XB-40 has many more enharmonic notes and =
>slides available then my retuned model, but I prefer to trade that =
>advantage in, and instead have the opposing reed act as a stop on the =
>bends at or near my target note.

>Jr. Bliggins

Well that's pretty much along the lines I was thinking.   Retuning most of the bends to
mostly 1/2 steps.   But I think I would also like a country tuned harp.   Someone else
suggested a Melody Maker tuning.  I've never been a big fan of Melody Maker tuning, but
who knows, it might work for me on an XB-40.

Pat was saying its no easier to play in F# on an XB-40 than on a well adjusted
diatonic, and I agree.  But I'm not trying to play in F#.   I want to play mostly 2nd
or 3rd position but with enough extra notes available to negotiate "Rhythm" changes
without too much difficulty.  I know some of you can do this already with overblows. 
But I prefer to use standard bending techniques as opposed to "extended" techniques for
a number of reasons that I don't want to debate right now.

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