Re: XB-40 Retunings?

I understand your POV Tom. I thought I was being generous because I
think the real figure is closer to 90%.  :-)

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>>> I agree with Mr. Brooks on his thoughts regarding the xb40.  With
>>> standard diatonic more than half of the users can't play in tune.
>>I wonder about that. Who collects the statistics that show that more
>>half of the users can't play in tune? Can't play in tune doing what?
>>unwavering 3 draw half step bend held for a full measure? Maybe not
>-- that's a pretty 
>>hard thing to do. But when we quantify about how many players can or
>can't do 
>>something it would be helpful if it were somehow qualified as well.
>If not, it 
>>could be misleading and discouraging to more than half of all
>players. But 
>>possibly only a third or less of all players might take that at face
>value. I 
>>take it all with a grain of salt. 50% more salt would be bad for my
>>T. Albanese

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