Re: XB-40 Retunings?

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> I agree with Mr. Brooks on his thoughts regarding the xb40.  With the
> standard diatonic more than half of the users can't play in tune.

I wonder about that. Who collects the statistics that show that more than 
half of the users can't play in tune? Can't play in tune doing what? An 
unwavering 3 draw half step bend held for a full measure? Maybe not -- that's a pretty 
hard thing to do. But when we quantify about how many players can or can't do 
something it would be helpful if it were somehow qualified as well. If not, it 
could be misleading and discouraging to more than half of all players. But 
possibly only a third or less of all players might take that at face value. I 
take it all with a grain of salt. 50% more salt would be bad for my blood 

T. Albanese

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