RE: Cephas & Wiggins

The Iceman wroteth:
> Another case of musicians to be heard live, as their recordings just don't
> quite capture all the magic.
> The Iceman

Not only that...

I had the extreme pleasure of attending a blues guitar/harp camp last fall
taught by amongst others, the esteemed Msrs. Cephas and Wiggins.  One of the
most pleasurable experiences to come of it (and there were many) was the
"Instructor's Jam" one night at a local bar.  Having spent several days
studying with Phil Wiggins I knew full well of his abilities on the
harmonica ('course I knew of his recordings and reputation before that).
And, of course, the wonderful John Cephas plays acoustic blues guitar like
few others.  But, when it came their turns at the jam, I was quite taken by
the way these guys got down and BOOGIED!  In their recordings, as
preservationists of the Piedmont style of blues, they stick very much true
to the genre.  But, given the opportunity to "cut loose", they really get
cooking and step right on out!  And, have a ~lot~ of fun.  Don't make the
mistake of thinking they only do Piedmont.  Man, they can boogie in ANY
blues style, whether playing together or individually with other musicians.
You should hear Wiggins play some Chicago-style harp!

Catch 'em whenever you can, especially if you're lucky enough to get them in
an informal setting...  There arent' many artists left who are so dedicated
to the Piedmont style.  Nor so talented--or such just plain nice guys.


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