Re: Buckeye Harmonica Festival

Hi Steve,
That's a JT30 from around 1984-86. I'm not sure what the"P" stands for, but
this was one of the first JT30's that no longer used the screw on
connectors, BTW, does this one hav the present XLR connector or does this
have the mini-XLR? The ones with the mini-XLR connectors are awful, and the
cables were fragile. The BLJT30's were actually substituting ceramics for
crystals and are somewhat darker with a lower output. These never came with
a volume pot.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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  It appears that Buckeye has moved to a different hotel? I didn't make SPAH
the year it was in Columbus/Worthington.. How is this Holiday Inn? I just
made reservations last night....

  Also, I just acquired another JT-30 mic.. I have a question.. The new mic
says BLJT30 P on it.. the old one doesn't have the 'P"... Can anyone tell me
if there is any difference? They seem to sound about the same, though I just
did a quick test with low volume...
  Thanks in advance for any info.

  Steve "Moandabluz" Webb
  still a fool for the harp

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