> Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 15:24:46 -0800
> From: Roger A Gonzales <gonz1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: music notation scanning program
> Phil,
> There is a program called Smart Score that is a great program to use.  You can even
> download a trial version of this program on 
> You can scan a piace of music and it will play on your computer or through your midi
> keyboard.  It works with PC or Mac.  Give it a try.  
> regards,
> Roger Gonzales

I've been using Smartscore for years.  Recently its gotten a lot "smarter".  I've seen
its accuracy improve from about 90% up to about 98%.  That makes a BIG difference!  I
haven't used it much for harmonica-related stuff recently.  But I've been having a heck
of a good time using SmartScore in combination with Band-In-A-Box.   I have a book of
transcriptions of the late great tenor sax player Wardell Gray.   I'll use SmartScore
to make a midi file of a Wardell Gray solo.  Then I'll take the chords from the same
song and type them into Band-In-A-Box so BIAB can generate a jazz combo accompaniment. 
Then I'll import the Smartscore midi of Wardell's solo into BIAB.  Then I'll use BIAB
to turn the solo into a harmonized "Supersax" type arrangement!  Too much fun!

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