Re: XB-40 Retunings?

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><snip> I can't help feeling that for the BLUES, it just won't be the same.
All the notes will be there, but those bluesy bends won't be in the right
places.  So it won't cry.

Hi there, Richard.
No, it won´t be the same. It never was intended to be. The tone is different
(cause it´s another instrument) and the feel of it is different, too. But
don´t be fooled! The XB-40 can do all the bends you are already accostumed
to. They are all there in the right places. The first time you try to play
the XB, you will just play it as a normal harp. No problems with that. It
will feel quite different, of course, but you will still be able to do what
you already can do. But, talking 2nd position, the minute you go up to hole
7 or 8 and find the extra draw bends, it starts getting interesting. And
this is just the beginning.
But, if you want to have the Walters´ or Sonnies´ sound, get a Marine Band.
The XB will be different. But it is really worthwhile. But have in mind that
it is, like the chrom, a different instrument. And 75 bucks is a fair enough
price to at least try one, maybe in A.
Fernando Bresslau
São Paulo - Brazil

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